Spend The Night Together (Single)

by Love Cream

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released October 28, 2013


Vinnie Dynamo - Lead Vocals
Mick Gallo - Lead Drums
Nick Robinson - Lead Guitar
Phil Parker - Lead Bass

Produced by Casey Jones



all rights reserved


Love Cream Adelaide, Australia

Four teens were drawn together by the divine power of rock to ensure its future by returning its balls. These four men are Love Cream.

Their distinct brand of jaw-dropping ball-shakers landed them a slot at the 2012 Big Day Out and won them the inaugural Adelaide's Next Superstar comp.

Their debut album "First Taste" is released December 20th.

Ladies and Gentlemen, prepare to be 'Cream
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Track Name: Spend The Night Together
Sweet lady woman, I’ve got you on my mind.
You’re the kind of girl I’ve been dreaming of;
A woman of the female kind.

Stand up,
Here’s what it’s all about
And you know just what to do.
Get down,
Girl get down on your knees,
You know just what it is that I want from you.

It’s gonna be a long night
You know the feeling’s alright

I want to get to know you better
So come on baby,
Let’s spend the night together.

Get me a doctor; I think I’m going insane.
You look so fine, girl I lose my mind,
Every time I hear you call my name.



(classic, good-times, rocking solo)

Chorus x 2
Track Name: Back Door Lover
You call me up; you’re in need of my help.
You want me and nobody else.
Someone’s locked your front door and thrown away the key.
You’re trapped outside and waiting for me.

I can’t get off my mind what’s going on behind.
I just want you to say “why don’t we give it a try?”

Knock, knock
Who’s there?
Turn around.
I wanna be your lover, you back door lover.
Come on sugar, won’t you let me in?
The mystery is killing me.

Back Door Lover
Get hot beneath the covers
So what you waiting for?
Just let me in to your back door.

There’s nothing wrong with going this way,
Just listen please, to what I gotta say.
It’s been too long, I can’t fight it anymore,
Come on girl, what about the back door?
You know I love what’s in front of you,
But the other way is fun and you know it’s true.
Your fly screen is flapping all about,
I’m gonna show you a new way to get into your house.



Chorus 2
Track Name: Love Train
Riding down the tracks of love,
Heading straight into your tunnel.
There’s just no way I’m gonna stop,
Steam is coming out of my funnel.
So hop on board,
You and me are gonna ride into the night.
My wheels are turning, my engine is burning.
Gonna make you feel alright.

I’m off the rails,
Gonna let off some steam.
I’m a one-man locomotive love machine.
Don’t need a ticket to ride in my fast lane.
So come on baby,
Take a ride on my

(Love train)
Take you where you need to go
(Love train)
Can you feel my love below?
(Love train)
It’s the one that you like best
(Love train)
All aboard the pleasure express

You and me baby, can’t you see
That we’re gonna be feeling ecstasy?
The train is leaving, so clear the line.
Gonna fill your carriage with this love of mine.
When you stand next to me girl,
I can feel you’re your fire.
Girl I wanna make you perspire.

I’m off the rails,
Gonna let off some steam.
I’m a one-man locomotive love machine.
Can you feel my piston pumping back and forth again?
So come on baby,
Take a ride on my




Down, down, down to the station,
Gonna take you down, down to the good times station.